Recombinant anti-ALFA Antibody (rec. hcAbs)

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The recombinant sdAb anti-ALFA Fc-fusion is a genetic fusion of our established camelid anti-ALFA single-domain antibody to various IgG Fc domains of the most commonly employed host species. This antibody preserves the specificity and high-affinity binding of the anti-ALFA single-domain antibody and adds the features of a conventional IgG type antibody. It can be used in Western blotting and many other applications based on immunodetection (IF, IHC, IP).

Amount Conjugation Cat No.
Mouse IgG1 Fc-fusion 100 µg N1582
Rabbit Fc-fusion protein 100 µg N1583
Mouse IgG2 Fc-fusion protein 100 µg N1585
Guinea Pig Fc-fusion 100 µg N1584
Human IgG1 Fc-fusion protein 100 µg N1586
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Clone: 1G5
Host: Alpaca
Produced in: HEK
Application: IF, IHC, WB
Dilution: 1:500 (IF, IHC), 1:1000 WB
Capacity: N/A
Antigen: -
Targets: ALFA-tag
Specificity: Recognizes the ALFA-tag (SRLEEELRRRLTE).
Formulation: Lyophilized from PBS pH 7.4, containing 100 µg rec. hcAbs and 2% BSA (US-Origin). Reconstitute with 100 µL 50% glycerol.
kDa: -
Ext Coef: -
Shipping: Ambient temperature
Storing: Vials containing lyophilized protein can be stored at 4°C for up to 6 months. Vials containing reconstituted protein should be stored at -20°C or below.

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Götzke et al. 2019 The ALFA-tag is a highly versatile tool for nanobody-based bioscience applications.

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