NanoTag Biotechnologies is a science-driven company

NanoTag Biotechnologies is a German company founded in 2015 by scientists with a strong background in biochemistry as well as quantitative super-resolution imaging.

Situated in Göttingen, we are in constant exchange with scientists developing and applying tools for innovative cutting-edge research. The inspiring atmosphere created by leading scientists and an excellent network of entrepreneurship is an ideal breeding ground for our vision to produce thoroughly validated high-quality tools for life sciences, biotechnology, biomedical research, and therapy.


Meet our management team

Hansjörg Götzke
Steffen Frey
Felipe Opazo

Meet our advisory board

Silvio Rizzoli
Reinhard Jahn
Herbert Stadler
Klaus Binder

Superior affinity reagents for R&D and Therapy

Our goal is to provide high-quality recombinant affinity molecules supporting therapeutic and diagnostic industries and to create superior, sustainable, and more reproducible reagents for biomedical research.
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