Custom-tailored single-domain antibody discovery services

We are known for the quality of our in-house developed and validated state-of-the-art single-domain antibodies (sdAbs). Benefit from our experience and get in touch with our experienced scientists to realize your sdAb project.


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Browse our Shop to discover new sdAb developments and explore our thoroughly-validated products. NanoTag's sdAb-based solutions are tailored to make your research and development faster, more precise, and reproducible.
One-step enhanced immunofluorescence
Smart Secondaries™
Flexible, simple, and precise detection of primary antibodies
Selector Resins
High-performance pulldowns
Camelid sdAb
Novel scaffolds beyond your imagination with unlimited applications

Single-domain antibodies tailored to your needs

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CRO Services

We provide highly customized services for your project. From protein production, advanced modifications of sdAbs, functional validations, and the discovery of specific sdAbs tailored to your needs.
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Our Technology

At NanoTag, we have developed several new technologies and patented innovations resulting in unique biological tools ready to be applied in R&D.
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NanoTag's discovery program to generate and characterize novel single-domain antibodies directed against specific targets with high potential in therapeutic applications.
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Superior affinity reagents for R&D and pre-clinical studies

Our goal is to provide high-quality recombinant affinity molecules supporting therapeutic and diagnostic industries and to create superior, sustainable, and more reproducible reagents for biomedical research.
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