Custom immunization

Single-domain antibody services – far beyond immunization, screening and production

NanoTag Biotechnologies offers immunization and screening services for the development of custom single-domain antibodies (sdAb), also known as Nanobodies® (a trademark of Ablynx Inc.). We have our own herd of more than 20 animals near our research laboratory. Our own trained staff performs all work with the animals. Our experienced scientists will support your project at every level you need. All of our services can be fully customized. This means that, besides standard projects, we can design and produce your antigen and offer customization of the applied immunization schemes and selection/screening conditions in order to find the right candidates that meet the specifications you need. Along the project we provide various exit points, so you have the complete control and do not waste money on phases you do not require. No matter if you have just a wild idea or an already thoroughly planned project, we are determined to develop your custom single-domain antibody project with you. Feel free to contact us my email or simply give us a call (+49 551 505 56 365).