Recombinant sdAb anti-PSD95 Rabbit Fc-fusion

Recombinant sdAb anti-PSD95 Rabbit Fc-fusion

The recombinant sdAb anti-PSD95 Rabbit Fc-fusion is a genetic fusion of our established camelid anti-PSD95 single-domain antibody to a Rabbit IgG Fc domain. This antibody preserves the specificity and high affintiy binding of the anti-PSD95 single-domain antibody and adds the features of a conventional anti-rabbit antibody. It can be used in Western blotting and many other applicaiton based on immunodetection (IF,IHC,IP).

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Specificity: Recognizes mouse and rat PSD95. K.O. validated. Other species not tested
Produced in: HEK cells
Concentration: 100 µg lyophilized from PBS
Recommended dilution for WB / IF / IHC: WB 1:1000 / IF 1:500 / IHC 5 µg/mL

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