FluoTag®-X2 anti-VGLUT1

FluoTag®-X2 anti-VGLUT1

Direct immunofluorescence labeling of a cultured hippocampus neuron (1:500). Nerve-terminals positive for VGLUT1 were visualized with FluoTag-X2 anti-VGLUT1 AbberiorSTAR® 580 (false color representation in green). Counterstaining with rabbit anti-MAP2 Cy5 (false color representation in red) and dapi (blue).

FluoTag®-X2 anti-VGLUT1 is derived from a single-domain antibody (sdAb) recognizing specifically VGLUT1 with high affinity and specificity. Our FluoTag-X2 series features two site-specifically coupled fluorophores per molecule. The reagent can therefore simultaneously target two fluorophores to each target molecule, which results in an enhanced signal. The FluoTag®-X2 anti-VGLUT1 is validated for immunofluorescence and immunohistochemistry applications. In contrast to conventional antibodies, our FluoTags are monovalent and therefore do not cross-link their target proteins. Our FluoTag®-X2 anti-VGLUT1 is therefore ideally suited for various microscopy applications.

Specificity : recognizes the cytosolic domain of rat VGLUT1 (other species not tested)
Produced in: E. coli
Concentration: 2.5 µM protein and 5 µM fluorophore
Recommended dilution: 1:500
Available fluorophores: Abberior® Star RED, Abberior® Star 580, Abberior® Star 635P, Atto 488, Atto 542, Atto 565, Atto 647N, Sulfo-Cyanin 3, Sulfo-Cyanin 5. For other fluorophores please contact us.

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