FluoTag®-X2 anti-mScarlet-i

FluoTag®-X2 anti-mScarlet-i

PFA fixed COS cells transfected with mScarlet-i-tubullin (A) stained with FluoTag-X2 anti-mScarlet-i Atto488 (B). Overlay in (C)

FluoTag®-X2 anti-mScarlet-i is derived from an in-house developed single-domain antibody (sdAb) recognizing mScarlet-i with high affinity and specificity. Our FluoTag-X2 series features two site-specifically coupled fluorophores per molecule. The reagent can therefore simultaneously target two fluorophores to your protein of interest, which results in enhanced image brightness. Owing to the small size of our FluoTags, the distance between the target epitope and each fluorophore is below 4 nm. In comparison to conventional detection systems using conventional antibodies, our FluoTag-X2 series can thus improve the localization accuracy by 10-15 nm. Both features – enhanced brightness and precise fluorophore placement – render our FluoTag-X2 products superior tools for all microscopy techniques.

Specificity: Recognizes mScarlet-i in its native conformation. Cross-reacts with some mRFP-derived red fluorescent proteins like mCherry.
Produced in: E.coli
Concentration: 2.5 µM protein, 5 µM fluorophore
Recommended dilution for IF/ ICC: 1:500
Available conjugates: Abberior® Star RED, Abberior® Star 580, Abberior® Star 635P, Alexa Fluor® 647, Atto 488, Atto 542, Atto 565, Atto 647N, Sulfo-Cyanin 3, Sulfo-Cyanin 5, DBCO and biotin. For other fluorophores or conjugates please contact us.
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