NanoTag Biotechnologies GmbH and IBA GmbH have entered into collaboration

NanoTag Biotechnologies GmbH and IBA GmbH, both situated in Göttingen, have entered into a research collaboration in May 2018. The joint project is generously supported by a project grant from the NBank in Lower Saxony (Grant No. ZW3-85021564) and is aiming at the development of novel nanobody-based affinity tools with reversible binding properties.

Nanobodies are a novel type of antibodies found in camelids (including camels, lamas and alpacas) that have many advantages over conventional antibodies raised in mice, rabbits or sheep. Low-affinity nanobodies are, e.g., ideally suited for IBA’s innovative Fab-TACS® cell isolation technology that allows for the separation of live and unmodified cell populations from tissues based on specific surface markers. The technique is already well established for human blood cells and is currently expanded to solid organ cell separation, such as liver cells.

Based on the expertise of NanoTag Biotechnologies in pioneering camelid single-domain antibodies (nanobodies), development of unique nanobody-based reagents for cell isolation will add a new tool to the repertoire of cell isolation reagents.

The collaboration, which is coordinated by Dr. Steffen Frey (CSO of NanoTag Biotechnologies GmbH) and Dr. Joachim Bertram, CSO and Managing Director of IBA GmbH, was initiated by IBA’s founder Dr. Herbert Stadler, and underlines Dr. Stadler's vision of establishing high-potential biotechnology co-operations in Lower Saxony.